5 Potential Maintenance Repairs Often Overlooked by Small Business Owners


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For many St. Louis small business owners, the cost of running a business is hard enough before even drawing a paycheck from your hard-earned revenue. Add in unexpected repairs to your office or warehouse and whatever margin you hoped to see can quickly vanish. Of course, you don’t really expect your HVAC system or office fridge to last forever, but what if you could set aside some extra savings now to cushion the repair costs?

There are at least five potential maintenance repairs often overlooked by small business owners.

  • Plumbing (Find a VERIFIED Plumbing Contractor)
    All brick-and-mortar businesses based in the city proper boundaries of St. Louis are required to have a public restroom. With extensive use by customers and office staff, the wear-and-tear on the plumbing in your public restroom will quickly take its toll. It’s just a matter of time before you need to make a call to a VERIFIED plumber.
  • Office Refrigerator (Find a VERIFIED Appliance Repair Contractor)
    Although the function of your office refrigerator may not change much from your fridge at home, there’s a good chance it won’t be treated the same way. A careless staff member can accidentally leave the office fridge door partially open over the weekend, creating an ongoing struggle with the fridge thermostat until it eventually burns it out. How much does it cost to repair a refrigerator motor or even buy a new fridge for your office?
  • HVAC Repair (Find a VERIFIED Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor)
    Depending on the size of your office or warehouse, your HVAC system may be a massive expense to operate and repair. If your HVAC system is getting older, it’s worth getting an estimate for a complete replacement and then setting aside a percentage of the replacement cost each month.
  • Commercial Garage Door Repair (Find a VERIFIED Garage Door Contractor)
    A standard overhead commercial garage door can easily cost $2,000 or more to install. If you’re operating a fully functional warehouse with delivery trucks and loading docks, a simple repair of one unit needs to be multiplied by the number of garage doors in operation for an accurate picture of potential repair costs to keep your warehouse running efficiently. For example, if you recently repaired one of your six overhead garage doors at the price of $450, you might want to think of how to pay for the other five garage door units if they also break down. That’s $2,250 in repairs! Of course, the likelihood of all six door units breaking down at the same time is extremely unlikely, but it’s worth setting aside some money for the next rainy day.
  • Roofing (Find a VERIFIED Roofing Contractor)
    Commercial insurance will cover a vast majority of roofing repair costs, but do you have enough set aside to pay the insurance deductible? If the next hail or windstorm to roll through St. Louis might be enough to blow the roof off your business savings, it’s time to make a plan for paying your deductible. It’s always worth getting a complimentary roof inspection to ensure your roof is up to the challenge.

The next time your business fridge or public restroom needs repairs, look for a VERIFIED Service Provider to get the job done right. All of our service providers undergo extensive background and business reputation evaluations with ongoing customer satisfaction requirements. This means you’re getting the best service from the most reputable contractors in your city from a network VERIFIED to meet your needs.

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