Deer Can Cause Unexpected Problems for Homeowners

Deer in Velvet Laying on GrassWith the advent of the fall season, homeowners in Missouri, as well as the entire Midwest region, will begin to notice more wildlife moving around in their neighborhoods. Many of the smaller animals such as squirrels and chipmunks are gathering up food for the winter season. Many birds and larger fowl such as ducks and geese are migrating to the warmer climates. However, one animal in particular can be dangerously active during this time of the year; the deer. Drivers must be vigilant during this time of year as deer, both male and female, dart across roadways during the yearly mating season. Always be cautious, particularly when driving through wooded areas. They seemingly come out of nowhere and can be difficult to avoid, particularly at high speeds. According to a recent Missouri State Highway Patrol Report, in 2010, 2 people were killed and 352 people were injured in deer-related crashes. That translates to 1 person killed or injured every 24.8 hours. Accidents occurring between October and December accounted for 51% of the deer-related incidents. The largest portion of accidents happened during the month of November. So just be more aware during these months of this potential hazard.

On a less serious yet important note to our homeowners, during this time of year, the male deer, called bucks, are removing the velvet from their antlers and marking their territory by rubbing their antlers on our trees. This rubbing can cause damage to the bark and can expose the tree to parasites and other diseases to which they would not normally be susceptible. While most people would not normally call deer pests, they can present a considerable problem to our trees and vegetation in our yards. Should you notice that your trees or shrubs are being damaged by deer, keep in mind there are repellants available to keep deer away from your home and landscape. Consider hiring a local Landscape Contractor or local Pest Control Service provider to assist you with any problems with deer and other pests around your home.

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